Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Plant a Tree in Their Garden

Your garden is a space that gives you access to the beauty of nature, and what better way to make your garden a natural paradise than to plant a tree! Whether you buy the tree as a semi mature trees like this so that you get a large tree instantly, or you grow a tree from a sapling, here are some of the reason why it is great to plant a tree in your garden…

Home for Wildlife – Native trees are hugely valuable to wildlife and as well as providing homes for birds and insects they are also a valuable source of food for many animals.

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Creates Privacy – Many of us want to have our own private outdoor space, and a tree can help to make your garden more private if it is overlooked by other homes and gardens.

Shade from the Sun – On a hot day, there is nothing nicer than finding the shade of a tree to sit in. If you have this in the garden, then you have a place to sit that is out of the harsh midday sun and also for kids it means that they can spend time playing in the garden without worrying about being burnt.

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Fights Climate Change – Because trees take the carbon dioxide from the air, they play a huge role in helping to prevent climate change. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere helps to improve the air that we all breathe.

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