Ideas for Adding a Playroom to your Home

For many people, a playroom is a great addition to the home. Having a space where kids can go to enjoy their free time, without getting under the parents feet is a good idea, especially if you work from home and need to have periods of time to concentrate during the day!


There are many ways that you can add a playroom to your home – you can convert an attic space to create a playroom or add a conservatory of an extension. Make sure that you find a professional company who knows what they are doing such as this house extensions Solihull based company As well as adding a place for your kids to play, this will also add value to your home which can only be a good thing!

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When creating a playroom, it is a good idea to consider what will be in it and how it will be laid out – of course, it depends on your kids ages and interests, but here are a few ideas for things that you could include…


A Quiet Corner – A place that is just their own to relax and chill out, some beanbags, blankets and books are all good things to add in for a bit of quiet time.


Imaginary Play – A playroom is the perfect place for kids to enjoy imaginary play, so things like a dressing up box are great for encouraging this.

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Creative Space – Why not put a table and paper pens and pencils for when they are feeling arty, or you could paint a wall in blackboard paint so they can draw out their designs for all to see!

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