Choosing the right awning for your property

Many enjoy the visual interest that an awning adds to their home or business. But how do you know which one is the right one to choose? Where do you start? If this is the kind of question, you’re asking yourself, rest assured that help is on hand.

Adding an awning to your home or business can improve the visual and practical aspects of the property. Whether you put one over a window or door, an awning helps to improve energy efficiency by lowering glare from sunshine. You may even want to install one on the patio to protect you and your outdoor furniture from sun and rain.

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There are three main features that you should consider in choosing the right awning:

Primarily, there are two main types of awnings, and they come in many forms including stationary and retractable awnings. Each has both pros and cons.

Stationary, or fixed, awnings have a frame that is welded permanently to an exterior wall. This type is perfect for smaller areas like doors and windows, offering strong weather protection. They are sturdier and more durable. For information on Awnings Stratford Upon Avon, visit a site like Centurion, a supplier of Awnings Stratford Upon Avon.

However, a point to note is that a stationary awning will need more care than other varieties. Once in place, you won’t be able to adjust the orientation. It will also need to cover a larger area, so these are some things to bear in mind.

Another type of awning is retractable. It also attaches to your exterior wall but can be opened or closed to provide a little or a lot of cover depending on your needs. Retractable awnings can be extended by either a hand crank or motor control. Retractable awnings are ideal for patios and decks and the frame requires much less maintenance.

There are some disadvantages with retractable awnings, however. Retractable awnings are not only more expensive initially, they also have a more expensive repair bill.

Now that you know about the various types of awnings, maybe you have a better idea of which one will be most suitable for your home or business.

What about materials?

Typically, awning covers come in two main forms: cotton or polyester. They will be coated acrylic or laminated vinyl. While the fabric may appear similar, there are some differences when selecting the right one for you.

When you choose polyester, you can be sure it is tough enough to beat the weather and prevent UV rays while still letting through some sun. This fabric is also breathable and easy to wipe clean.

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Cotton is a more conventional awning material since it is naturally tough, durable, and water resistant. To keep it clean, it is possible to just put it in the washing machine.

Both types of coating also add to the fabric. For example, vinyl or laminate coatings make fabrics flame and water resistant but are more prone to fading. On the other hand, an acrylic layer helps the fabric retain its colour but without the fire and water resistance.

Once you know what type of fabric or material and coating most suitable for your use, you will be able to choose which style of awning you want.

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