Preparing for a Cold Snap

The UK is now definitely into winter territory, and when that happens – as it does every single year – it’s pretty much inevitable that we will get a real cold snap sooner or later. It’s generally a good idea to be prepared before this happens, and there are a few steps you can take in order to make sure you are ready.

Cold Snap

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Among the most useful measures you can take to be ready for the iciest and snowiest part of the winter include:

Getting Your Car Prepared

Much as we might like to stay in when conditions are at their worst, it might be that you have to take your car out on an icy morning or in the snow. If this happens, you may well be glad of having taken a few fairly simple steps to be prepared. A thin coat of petroleum jelly on door seals can help keep them from freezing shut as well as ensuring that the doors are completely water tight. Make sure that you keep your screenwash topped up, that your wiper blades are in good condition, and that you check all your bulbs regularly.

Consider keeping a blanket in the car to keep warm in case you break down or get stuck in extreme weather.

Ensure Your Heating is Working Well

If you have any doubts about your heating, now is the time to get them seen to. Disrupting the operation of your heating may not be an attractive prospect when the weather is already cold, but better to have heating repairs now than have things go wrong altogether when the weather is even colder. Whether it’s simply bleeding radiators or contacting a company such as who offer boiler repair in Haslemere to have your home’s heating system seen to a bit more seriously, it’s ultimately well worth getting problems fixed.

Getting Ready for Snow and Ice

Ultimately, it’s snow and ice that are likely to present the biggest challenge when it comes to cold snaps. There are several things you can do to get prepared. It can be worth having both a shovel for removing snow from paths and driveways, as well as a supply of rock salt for melting or preventing the build-up of ice and snow in crucial areas. When out, a pair of shoes or boots with good grip are invaluable.

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