Encountering Many Different Vehicles On The Roads of Britain.

Most households in Britain have access to at least one family vehicle, some have two, three, four or more!  When driving the busy highways and byways of the United Kingdom, you are sure to encounter many different types, shapes, sizes and uses of vehicles.  Starting with two wheels, you have the bicycle and the motorbike, then three with trikes and autocycles, then four wheels, which probably account for most of the cars you will encounter, up to six or more wheels with lorries, trucks, motorhomes and buses.  Then there are the cars that tow either trailers or caravans, so many different vehicles that there are too many to list them all! 

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However, you are sure to encounter Emergency Vehicles or WAV Vehicles on our busy, congested roads, so let’s stop and think about those. Emergency Vehicles such as Ambulances, fire-engines and police cars are all very distinctive with their bright colours and loud sirens, but what about WAV Vehicles or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, to give them their proper names?  These specially adapted vehicles may look like ordinary cars, vans or buses but they are very different.  Used for the express purpose of transporting individuals, couples or groups of people who use wheelchairs to get around.

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Some individuals who use a wheelchair to get around have access to their own WAV Vehicles, which are often purchased from experienced, reputable, professional Motability experts such as clarkemobility.com because of their huge expanse of suitable vehicles in stock.

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