This year’s top garage door trends

2017 is set to be an interesting year for change in garage door designs. We will see energy efficient doors, larger doors and garage doors incorporating new technology. Read on for a list of intriguing developments in the world of garage doors and how this can improve home security.

This year's top garage door trends

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Energy efficient garage doors

Energy efficient garage doors are ideal for homeowners who want to live in an environmentally friendly way and save money at the same time. These types of doors can be fitted with a DC motor opener mechanism with a battery backup. This allows you to use less energy and still manage to open the door in case there is a problem with the electricity supply.

Technology improvements

High tech garage doors are the thing of the future. Apps can be used to monitor our homes and why not use them in the same way for our garages? You can use an app to open and close your garage door and monitor exactly how it is positioned, wherever you are! This could be useful if you forget your keys for example. This tech is set to get even more advanced and easy to use in the future.

Larger garage doors

There will be a trend for larger doors this year as people look for ways to make an impression with their door and give more room for creativity, such as adding windows and designs. Large doors are also more functional, allowing better access for vehicles and people. Larger garage doors can be sourced from many online and offline stores, such as

Safety and security

It is important to make sure your garage door is kept in good condition, so any repairs must be dealt with immediately to ensure the proper function and safety of your door. If you are looking for London garage door repairs or experts in repairs elsewhere in the country, there are door repair specialists available online and offline. A professional can also ensure the right fit and reduce the risk of anything getting trapped in the garage door, such as clothing or even a beloved pet –!

Once you have decided on your favourite type of lager door, high tech door or energy efficient door, simply give the experts a call and you can have your vehicle and home secured quickly and easily.

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