Seven healthy snacks that allow you to keep losing weight

An uncontrolled pecking can be the cause of our excess weight, therefore, it is essential to attend to the quality as well as the quantity of our dishes that we usually consume between meals. To help with this, we show you seven healthy snacks that allow you to keep losing weight …

Spicy pumpkin seeds

This recipe is ideal for lovers of commercial snacks that leave much to be desired in terms of nutritional quality, because the spicy pipes are the perfect replacement with good fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and especially satiating.

Ingredients : 200 grams of pumpkin seeds, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of sweet paprika, a pinch of ground black pepper and a tablespoon of oil.

Preparation : in a bowl we mix all the ingredients and take to a strong oven, preheated to 200 ° for about 15 minutes or until we see the golden pipes.

This recipe can be prepared with other large seeds and also, with legumes such as chickpeas or beans, or with nuts .

Cheese, artichoke and tomato skewer

Nothing easier, or more palatable to my mind, than a pincho for a healthy snack. In this case we propose to make three skewers of cheese, artichoke and tomato.

Ingredients : 30 grams of fresh cheese, three cherry tomatoes and three artichoke hearts.

Elaboration : in a very easy way, adding one ingredient after another, we will achieve three skewers that provide good proteins, fiber and micronutrients with very few calories.

We can also develop other ingredients and skewers of meats such as kebabs mullets , Asian meatballs , artichoke, pepper and smoked cod , octopus, San Simon cheese and pumpkin and many more like our imagination can create.

Chicken and avocado toast

If, like you, you are an avocado lover, this easy and satiating snack recipe is for you.

Ingredients : a slice of whole grain bread with seeds or rye, a quarter of avocado, half a tomato, alfalfa sprouts, strips of chicken breast already cooked, a pinch of salt and another of ground black pepper.

Preparation : begin by placing the slice of bread on a plate until it begins to brown and on top, the avocado in segments freshly cut, the tomato slices, the strips of chicken breast and finally the alfalfa sprouts. We condone and ready to serve and share.

You can make both salty and sweet toast, using vegetables and fruits as ingredients to achieve light, satisfying and nutritious preparations. For example: avocado tostas, smoked cod and asparagus ribbons , bittersweet cherry toast with goat cheese , eggplant aubergine paté with smoked cod , or peanut butter and banana toast.

Blinis sweet banana with red berries and almonds

For lovers of sweets when pecking, we can make some blinis that are a kind of mini pancakes in this case sweet.

Ingredients : an egg and a ripe banana

Preparation : mix the ripe banana puree with the help of a fork together with the beaten egg and place by spoonfuls giving a circular shape in a saucepan. We can make up to 10 sweet blinis without added sugars that we will decorate with a pair of small red fruits and chopped almonds .

We can make blinis with oatmeal, with applesauce to replace the banana, or salted blinis such as avocado, cheese and roe , with hummus, with eggplant paté or dried tomatoes, among others.

Croquettes of potato and tuna

Ingredients : two medium potatoes, one can of tuna to the natural or 150 grams of fresh cooked and shredded fish, one egg, half chopped onion very fine or crushed, 100 grams of breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, salt to taste and a spoonful of oil .

Preparation : we will start boiling the medium potatoes with skin and whole until they are tender, at which time we remove the skin and make a puree that we mix with the rest of the ingredients. We make croquettes with wet hands and bake until brown on the outside for approximately 30 minutes, turning halfway through cooking.

In order to really be healthy croquettes, we must not only choose the ingredients very well, but also bake them instead of frying. Thus, we can make corn and carrot croquettes , broccoli , rice and spinach or others.

Strawberries with bitter chocolate

If in addition to sweet you always choose chocolate for snacking, a good and easy recipe is based on fresh fruits and bitter chocolate with a high degree of purity.

Ingredients : five strawberries, two spoons of grated coconut and only a small square of 25 grams of bitter chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (I used it with 73%).

Preparation : melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or 10 seconds in the microwave and submerge the tip of the strawberries there and then go through grated coconut.

We can make this type of dishes with cherries, apples, bananas or other fresh fruits.

Melon and ham skewers

A classic that satisfies and is very light, that we can elaborate in a matter of minutes.

Ingredients : a slice of melon (of which we like) and a slice of ham.

Preparation : on a skewer we will place a cube or melon ball and on top half a slice of rolled serrano ham, another piece of melon and again serrano ham to finish with melon again.

We can also use two types of melons, or add fresh cherries, cubes of cheese, or make skewers of other healthy ingredients such as, for example, monkfish and cherry tomatoes , melon with salmon , chicken or several fresh fruits.

Snacking can be healthy and does not have to hinder your plans to lose weight, but this summer you can make these light and nutritious recipes to calm the worm between hours with a healthy snack .

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