How do you Spot an Alcohol Problem?

We read a lot about the health implications of drinking too much alcohol – from liver disease to Korsakoff syndrome  there are a wide range of illnesses linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol.

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But alcohol is also, for most people in Britain, a big part of our lives – at eighteen, we are encouraged to drink a lot as it is now legal, university students spend a lot of time drinking in bars specifically aimed at them. When we get engaged or married, the champagne comes out, and every Christmas a wide range of tipples will be consumed all over the country, ending in the New Year celebrations – obviously including alcohol!


With all of this around us, spotting whether or not you or someone else has a problem with alcohol, that goes further than enjoying a few drinks on occasion, can be very difficult. If you are concerned about someone that you know, there are a few warning signs that you may be able to spot…

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They may not have as much interest in doing things that they once enjoyed

They may seem to be drunk more regularly

They may often look tired or ill

They may have lied to you, or started to be secretive


These are only some of the signs and do not necessarily point to a problem with alcohol, but they are things that you should look out for if you are having concerns about the alcohol consumption of a friend or family member.

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