If music is the food of love…

Planning a wedding can feel like a huge project. You want the day of your dreams surrounded by all your favourite people, and you want them all to have a great time. From the venue to the food and decorations, not to mention the guest list and seating plan, there is a lot to think about. While creating a great atmosphere you will be working hard to cater to all the senses: a beautiful setting, delicately-scented flowers, delicious food – and what about the music?

food of love

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The right wedding band can be the perfect cherry on top of the beautiful (three-tiered) cake. A good wedding band will be unobtrusive enough to create a warm and serene ambiance while being charismatic enough to get everyone on their feet and kicking off their shoes when the dancing begins. How do you find that perfect band?

Unless you work in the events or entertainment industries, the chances are that you don’t hire live bands very frequently. If you don’t know how to go about finding the right band for an occasion, there can feel like an awful lot of options out there; however, don’t panic! We are here to help with our top tips.

Check out the band’s repertoire

It is really very important that you actually like the band that will play at your wedding. Many bands, such as Dorset wedding band, have a website where you can listen to their music and get an idea of their repertoire. It is also a good idea to go to one of their gigs if possible to see them in action.

Get practical

How many members of the band are there, and will they fit in your venue? How much equipment do they need? Are they nearby? If you are getting married on the south coast, consider a local Dorset wedding band. Finally, can you afford them? Don’t be afraid to talk money, and always make a budget and stick to it.


A good way to find a great band − or any kind of supplier − is through personal recommendation. If you know someone who loved their wedding band, or if you loved somebody else’s, go ahead and ask for the band’s details. Sharing is caring, after all, but bear in mind that your friend’s musical taste might not be the same as yours!

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