Key Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

Whilst treatments such as breast augmentation and tummy tucks remain popular, cosmetic surgery is an industry that’s changing all the time. New treatments and shifting cultural expectations have caused a change in some of the most common treatments we are seeing people undergo.

Cosmetic Surgery

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From alternatives to liposuction to butt enlargements, here’s a quick look at the current key trends in cosmetic surgery.

Butt Enlargement

Breast surgery may still be popular, but the trends do suggest that boobs are out and bums are in. Due in part to the Kim Kardashian phenomenon, this trend actually preceded her fame by a few years. More than fifteen years ago, butt enlargements were largely unheard of, but they are now becoming the hottest new treatment for those who want a perfect posterior.

Alternatives to Traditional Liposuction

In large cities such as London vaser liposuction, an alternative to traditional liposuction, is becoming ever more popular. This treatment can target particular problem areas as liposuction does, but it causes significantly less potential damage to the nerves as well as less swelling and bruising afterwards. As fat reduction in problem areas such as arms, ankles and love handles continues to be in high demand, any alternative treatments such as this will begin to overtake traditional liposuction in popularity. If you’re looking for London vaser liposuction treatments, be sure to find a reputable specialist.

Face Fat Inserts

It sounds unlikely given the number of cosmetic treatments that deal with fat reduction, but fat filling is projected to be the biggest next thing. Filling certain areas of the face with fat is the simple answer to ironing out wrinkles and providing a younger-looking visage.

Multiple Treatments

Why go under the knife two or three times when you can do it once? Also increasing in popularity are double or triple treatments which are undergone at once. This includes the famous ‘Mummy Makeover’, which includes a breast uplift and a tummy tuck, or a ‘Facial Rejuvenation’, which includes a face and neck lift with an eyelid lift. Multiple treatments carried out at once can see a saving in money, as certain aspects such as the hospital visit and anaesthetist only need to be paid for once.

As cosmetic surgery becomes more accessible and acceptable, we can expect to see the options become ever more varied in the future.

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