How to stop pigeons defacing your property

The pigeon is one of the most common birds in British towns and cities and its droppings can become a problem, making buildings look dirty and unappealing. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help reduce the risk of your building becoming defaced by pigeon droppings. Not only does a building covered in droppings look unsightly but also pigeon droppings are corrosive and can cause significant damage to your property over time. Read on if you are keen to manage the problem yourself or are interested in engaging bird control services in London or the rest of the UK.

stop pigeons defacing your property

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Protect ledges and windowsills

Simple metal spikes or metal coils can be attached to ledges and windowsills to discourage pigeons perching on them. On higher ledges in particular these spikes and coils are not very visible from ground level, which makes this a simple way to pigeon-proof your building without making it look unsightly. Another method is to convert flat ledges or surfaces into sloped surfaces, which makes it difficult − if not impossible − for pigeons to perch.

Install netting

Netting is effective at preventing pigeons and other birds entering buildings. This is particularly useful if you have balconies, terraces or other structural features that are open to the elements. Birds often access sheltered parts of buildings and can quickly cover them in droppings, potentially leading to problems with corrosion further down the line. Netting can be very discreet and hard to see, especially from ground level when it is only used on higher floors.

Remember that it is illegal in the UK to use pesticides to control pigeons or any other bird species. If you are having problems with managing your local pigeon population, it is vital that you seek expert advice from a reputable firm such as rather than running the risk of breaking the law.

Limit the availability of food

If you have bird feeders in your grounds, ensure these are pigeon-proof. Pigeon-proof bird feeders are widely available and ensure only smaller birds can access any food placed in them. If there is a readily-available supply of food pigeons can access, you will have difficulty discouraging them.

Limiting the availability of food is an easy and humane way of dealing with pigeon problems. Ensure your property’s surroundings are free from litter, especially food waste.

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