Areas That Hold Their Property Prices

With the economic forecast looking so uncertain at the moment, many house buyers are concerned about the value of their investment. It’s good to know which areas are renowned for holding their property prices. These tend to be areas where there are no problems, established locations, excellent transport links, good schools and a long record of a robust property market. Here are some of those areas:

Winchester, Hampshire

This area is one of the most successful in the south of England. Almost every property type has risen in value, including those in the city centre. It has long enjoyed popularity thanks to its proximity to London and excellent schools such as Winchester College, Twyford and Peter Symonds. In recent years the high street has seen renovation and investment improving pedestrian areas and access to many facilities.

Southern Chilterns

Stunning countryside dotted with farmhouses, cottages and some great markets and annual festivals. The area is popular for outdoor pursuits too, with cycling, running and walking routes. Easily accessible from London, the area also has good rail links at Reading and Didcot. The schools here are some of the best in the country which helps to keep the property prices buoyant. Henley-on-Thames is world-famous for its regatta, excellent facilities and beautiful Georgian architecture, now being the home of both the Prime Minister and George Clooney!

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The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is long regarded as one of the most secure areas in which to invest. Property prices either hold their own or do much better than the rest of the UK property market during times of downturn. The current problem here is the lack of housing stock, resulting in possibly over-inflating house prices. The great countryside, heaps of local cultural events, excellent locally sourced food and quaint village pubs make this part of the country highly sought after. Many schools in the region are considered as ‘outstanding’.


Bath is bucking the trend as house prices here are among some of the fastest rising in the country. Bath is one of the most attractive locations in the UK and also enjoys excellent transport links and a great central location. The Georgian buildings, hot springs and huge range of cultural events make Bath a highly desired place to live. The schools and university are another big draw. For more information about Bath properties, contact Bath Estate Agents like

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North Wessex Downs

The biggest draw for this area is its beautiful countryside with such easily commutable distances from the capital. There are numerous pretty market towns with great shopping, lots of fine Georgian architecture and highly respected schools. All these factors together result in an area where property isn’t going to devalue anytime soon. The area boasts authentic pubs, good primary schools and popular locally sourced food available from bakers and butchers in the towns. All these areas seem to reflect similar aspects. They have good access to the capital but set in idyllic rural landscapes, have good schools nearby and close to quality facilities.

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