Clear Desk Policy Benefits

What is a clear desk policy? Many employees may feel it’s an additional task they do not need, just one more thing to remember before going home. However, there are many benefits to having a neater, more organized and cleaner workspace for employees and the business as a whole.

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More secure

Leaving documents lying around on desks can put your business in a perilous position. If there is confidential data, then having it visible and not covered could leave businesses vulnerable to fraud, theft or violation of information security. If everyone is in the habit of cleaning their desk of all papers, post-it notes and USB sticks at the end of the day, this risk is greatly reduced.

Good impression

In terms of appearance, it is much better. Having a clean uncluttered office creates a good first impression to clients, business partners and especially auditors. It presents your business as organized, tidy and trustworthy. It also makes it much easier to keep clean. For Office cleaners city of London, visit a site like Classic Cleaning, providers of excellent Office cleaners city of London.

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Compliance issues

In the UK, the Data Protection Act requires that all personal information is kept secure. If businesses do not secure their data, they can be liable for fines and possible prosecution. A clear desk policy helps to ensure better compliance with such regulations.

Become more efficient

Research has shown that employees spend two hours a day on average just looking for information. A clear desk policy can help employees to be more efficient and organized.


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