The most common mistakes in basic exercises: rowing mistakes

We have previously discussed the most common mistakes in other basic exercises such as squats or deadlifts. Today we continue with one of the exercises most used when working our back: rowing.

As with other commodities, there are many variants of rowing we can use in our training: we can combine them or use them considering our tastes and our needs. In all her good performance should prevail over weight we use, so today we look at the most common mistakes when making oars and how we can solve them.

The most common mistakes in basic exercises rowing mistakesThe most common mistakes in rowing

  • Do not perform the full range of motion: that is, stay in the middle of the movement. This is quite common when we do rowing with bar or rowing Gironde. We have to make the movement with all its course: in the case of staying in the middle, we are losing part of the work, especially in relation to the interscapular musculature.
  • Round back during exercise: as with the dead weight, often tend to round the back (take hump, so to speak) from the output position and during most of the year. To avoid this , once again, what we can do is make the scapular retraction.
  • Pulling with arms rather than involving the back muscles: the muscles protagonists in rowing exercises are always found in the back. Of course, the musculature of the arm, specifically that of the biceps, accompanies the movement, but it is not the target muscle group in this case. Driving the load with your elbows can help us better visualize the muscles we want to work with.
  • Creating too much tension in the shoulder area: a common error in the low pulley rowing is that when we are tired we tend to raise shoulders toward your ears and create excessive tension in this area. This is also because we do not perform scapular retraction. The correct posture should be with your back straight, respecting its natural curvature, and shoulders down and back (as if we remove chest).

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