Google Allo is now available from the web, and with it debuts Google Assistant on the desktop

Since the beginning of years we knew that Google Allo would have a web version, the application that is part of the incredibly crowded ecosystem of messaging applications that Google has, it can be used from its web version, although at the moment only if you use Allo on Android.

Allo Web works in a similar way to WhatsApp Web, it is not an application completely independent of the mobile, as it happens with Telegram for example. To use Allo from Google Chrome on your desktop, you need to scan a QR code that lets you pair your phone with your computer.

The application only works from Google Chrome. We test with Opera, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and none of them allows you to pair your phone. However, if you open the link from Vivaldi, Allo thinks you’re using Chrome.

When you enter the first thing you will see are the instructions to scan the code from the Android app (soon on iPhone, but without date). Then you just have to open the app on your mobile, touch the menu on the left and look for the Allo option for the web.

This opens a camera to scan the code on your computer screen, and basically just as WhatsApp web works, you pair up immediately. If you run out of battery or exit the mobile application, Allo web will not work.

The most interesting thing about Allo is that it integrates Google Assistant, and with the arrival of the messaging platform to the web, it also becomes the first time that the Google assistant arrives at the desktop.

Google Assistant can help you find places to eat, recommends movies, sends you notifications with the daily weather report, can send you a news feed, etc. All from a chat window.

You also have an incognito chat mode with messages that self-destruct, many stickers, adjustable text, and intelligent word prediction. The web interface is beautiful, clean, fast and very fluid, pity that you hardly find it useful to another Google messaging app.

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