Don’t forget to secure your garage too

We think a lot about the security of our homes but has it ever occurred to you that we keep some of our most expensive stuff in our garages like cars, bikes, tools, boats and other things too big or too dirty for the home. If you have a garage attached onto the side of your home, it will also have a door leading straight into your house. Preventing unwanted people from getting into your garage is pretty important, but most people don’t give garage security too much thought. You wouldn’t want your garage to be an easy gateway into your home so here are some ways you can secure your garage space from potential thieves.

Don't forget to secure your garage too

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Think about extending any home security system to make sure that it also extends to your garage, not just the connecting door. If the alarm is armed and someone enters the garage, you should know about it straight away so you can prevent a theft or call the police and catch the thief at it.

Make sure your garage has a bolt-type lock. Most garage doors come with a cylinder lock which are mostly childs play for burglars these days so make sure you have a bolt as well. If you are going away or have a garage door that won’t be used for some time then you could consider getting a door defender. This is a metal plate bolted into concrete with a huge metal and rubber stopper that will prevent the door from opening. They also make for a great visual deterrent and take time to break through. Thieves want to be in and out fast so anything that is going take time, they will certainly think twice about it.

Don't forget to secure your garage too2

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On opening your garage door you should have motion detector lights. If not then you should consider installing them as an add-on. Thieves prefer to work in the dark so shining a light on their antics is a definite turn-off for a burglar. While doing an overhaul of your garage security, it might be a good time to get everything in order. For Garage Shelving Systems, visit

Don’t put yourself on show unnecessarily. Many people don’t bother to put any coverings on their garage windows. Blinds or sheets or anything really will be enough to prevent a prospective thief getting a good look at anything worth stealing. By not being able to see in, they might not think it’s worth the risk.

Very importantly, don’t neglect the other door going from your garage to your home! This door should be as well secured as the front door to your house. Make sure it is strong enough to withstand being kicked and install alarm sensors and deadbolts to be safe rather than sorry.

If you have a keyless entry pad to enter your home, make sure no one is watching you enter the code. Always keep the pad covered with your hand and never write down the code. Whilst you can never be 100% safe and secure, at least taking these precautions will definitely lower the odds of your property becoming the next target.

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