Second and third generation antihistamines that manage not to give up on KO after taking them

Spring is coming and have already begun to appear the first allergies. The most effective way to combat allergy is antihistamines, which are the most prescribed drugs for the general population, and from which we can find different types.

Antihistamines are dispensed in pharmacies without prescription, but it is very convenient for a doctor who prescribes us to be able to prescribe those that are more suitable for our needs and characteristics.

Second and third generation antihistamines that manage not to give up on KO after taking themIn the past we only had what we know today as first-generation antihistamines, which act directly on the central nervous system and which normally cause a number of side effects : among the most common are drowsiness and fatigue, with the risk of taking them And carry out risky activities such as driving.

Second generation antihistamines

We now also have more advanced antihistamines, second and third generation, which manage to appease the symptoms of allergy but without acting so deeply on our nervous system, so that the side effects are greatly reduced . These antihistamines, also known as “non-sedatives”, can be taken without interfering with our daily lives.

Among the second-generation antihistamines that can be found in the pharmacy are the cetirizine (marketed under the name of Virlix or Zyrtec) which also acts against hives that produce some allergy processes , loratadine (is usually used for rhinitis Allergic) and ebastine (marketed under the name Ebastel), indicated for rhinitis, dermatitis and allergic urticarias.

Third-generation antihistamines

The third generation antihistamines are an evolution of the previous ones, that also allow us to reduce the shots and the possible side effects. The drugs that we can find in this case contain, as above, loratadine, cetrizine and also fexofenadine.

Remember that it is important that we always consult a doctor before starting to take any type of drug , especially if there could be some incompatibilities or if there were contraindications. It is also important to know the doses appropriate for us and to respect them.

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