Top crafts to do at home

Whether you are wanting to find an activity to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day or need a new hobby for the weekends, crafting ideas can be a great way to spark your imagination and get a creative flow.

An idea that is an easy and resourceful craft that does not require any prep. It is very versatile, with different designs and concepts such as origami, paper lanterns or collages. Paper crafts are also an integrative way to develop dexterity in young children, encouraging them to tear paper and stick the paper down.

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Collaging itself can be a fun way to get rid of waste paper or collate photos you want to put on a wall. One concept is collecting different newspaper cuttings to create an effective poster, or you could cut up old photos and combine them with newspaper to put in a frame as a gift or for your own space.

Jewellery making can be a therapeutic hobby that can be picked up easily. Why not buy some string and a bead set and experiment with different colour combinations to match your outfit? Bead sets can be cheap online and the perfect hobby to do socially too.

Although some crafts such as woodwork or pottery require slightly more expensive materials, they can be a good long-term craft project. Woodwork can produce fun home décor pieces, or you can create picture frames which are great for a personalised gift. Pottery does not have to be complicated either, you do not need a wheel and could instead follow YouTube tutorials to create smaller pieces.

If you want to take your crafts outdoors, painting is a fun way to take in your surroundings and focus on specific points in nature. Whether you are a new painter or an experienced artist, focus on a point in a landscape whether that’s your garden or a local park and experiment with different colours and paints. This can also be a great idea for a date night!

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Sewing and crocheting have become increasingly popular for the older generation and anyone who wants a hobby that can be easily picked up and put down. Sewing is more delicate and requires more concentration to create designs.

However, crocheting, like knitting, can be a therapeutic project where you can make anything from bags to tops or rugs. Crochet Blanket Kits are a great example of what you can buy online to start your creative journey!

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