Don’t let a night out end in disaster

A night out at a Cheltenham Nightclub like is something that many people enjoy, and even more people will be popping into their local pubs and nightclubs as groups of friends and work colleagues get together to celebrate the Christmas season.

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No-one intends to go out to have their evening ruined in an altercation with someone else but unfortunately some people’s evenings end with a trip to A&E or the police station. In order to have a great night out that doesn’t end in disaster there are some key things that you can do to keep yourself safe on a night out.

Where possible you should try and remain in a group of people that you know well and that you trust. This includes whilst you are walking and travelling to and from the venue as well as in the pub and nightclub. By staying in a group of people you can reduce your risk of being targeted by people who do not have the best of intentions.

Getting to and from your evening destination is something that you should pre-plan in advance and either arrange for a lift from a trusted family member or friend, one of your group could decide to not drink for the evening and be the designated driver for the evening or book a taxi with a reputable company. Pre-booking a taxi means that you can check out the company before hand and won’t be in a situation where are a few too many drinks you make the decision to get in an unlicensed taxi.

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One of the best ways that you can keep yourself safe on a night out is to stay in control of the amount of alcohol that you are consuming. You should be aware of your limits and make sure that you don’t push yourself past this and if possible, not drink so much that you are unaware of the decisions that you are making. Once you have purchased your drinks it is important that you never leave them unattended for any reason even if you are in a group of friends as you cannot ensure that it is being watched at all times.

Light is your best friend when walking around a town area or along your street to get home after a night out. If you are in a well-lit area you may find that there is also CCTV in the same location and any instances that could occur are less likely to happen in well-lit places.

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