Reasons to have a loft conversion

If you’re thinking about converting your loft, here are great reasons why it can hugely benefit your property:

Extra space

If you have previously moved house, you’ll appreciate that it’s one of the most stressful and hardest things to do. Once you have settled in a good neighbourhood, you don’t want to have to move anymore because it costs a lot of money and can be highly stressful. If you have children, this gets even more difficult and you have to consider the extra distraction of moving schools as well.

That is why the opportunity to add space to your existing home is an excellent choice. You will get valuable space for you and your family and save money on moving costs. Sure, you have to spend money to do this, but let’s look at the benefits.

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Increase the Value of Your Property

If you own a house or are still paying for it, you will find that adding loft conversions can add serious value to your home. In most cases a 20% increase in value, but with the right addition this can be much more. You increase the actual living space of your home by a quarter (or more often). So this will add serious value. For property developers, adding attic conversions is one of the quickest steps ways to get that return on their investment, which is almost certainly guaranteed.

Storage room

Probably not the most interesting but certainly the most useful reasons for a loft conversion! By creating additional storage space that is easily accessible, you can make your property much easier to handle!

Let’s be honest about the way we store things. Most people don’t take the care they should over storing important items, which is a shame when you consider what all the things you store really mean to you. By designing a bespoke storage solution, you can make it easier to access all of those memories that you have locked away.

Energy efficiency

Because we now all see our impact on the planet, it’s vital to consider how much energy we consume. In older homes, often large amounts of energy are lost due to poor insulation. Of course, if you are on a limited budget, you can be satisfied with better insulation of your home. However, if you have a budget, why stop there?

By converting your attic, you can do even more. Increase your energy efficiency, increase the value of your property, and increase your living space! For Construction Companies Bishops Stortford, visit

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Become Creative

We never really grow up, right?  Yes, we get jobs and responsibilities mean, but we never lose that inner child who wants to have fun. By changing your attic, you can let your imagination run wild! What about private home cinema? Or the playroom? Or what about the water park? Ok, we are carried away, but the possibilities are practically unlimited.

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