A bug may have delayed the last update of Windows 10, but choosing a new name is almost as important

Last week we told you about the delay of the next major update of Windows 10 for a supposed bug that blocked the process. The version that was expected for April 10, apparently will be delayed a few more weeks.

Although Microsoft has not announced either name or official release date for Redstone 4 , for various reasons it was assumed that it would be called ” Spring Creators Update “, but with this delay, and the negative feedback Microsoft has received for the name, it is possible that end up changing it. And the truth is that it would not hurt anything.

Members of the Insider program have already received what is supposed to be the final version of Redstone 4 , and even a cumulative update last week instead of the final release of the Spring Creators Update. And another group, those of Skip Ahead, are already testing Redstone 5 .

Everything pointed to the version 17133 of Windows 10 1803 would be the RTM, that is, the one that is sent to manufacturers. But now with the issue of the bug, we have moved to 17134, and according to BuildFeed , a community that specializes in tracking and publishing all versions of Windows 10, does not mean that it is the last one either, and also point to the name “Spring Creators Update” is dead .

Microsoft needs to give better names to Windows 10 updates

If the delay of the update goes from a couple of weeks, to perhaps a month or more, we will end up receiving the next version of Windows in the summer and not in the spring, which would leave the name meaningless.

But the ridiculous of all this is that there is a whole portion of the planet where Windows 10 is also used, in which it is not even spring, and another in which spring does not even exist. A detail that seems to have ignored at all with the Fall Creators Update , that is, the autumn update.

The names as well as boring and repetitive, because there would be three “Creators Update” , not only seem to ignore a lot of users and their current stations, but no one at Microsoft seems to have thought that they could be confusing for many people.

The problems of communication are not new to Microsoft, the way in which they promote each update creates so little anticipation that despite many of the benefits of this development model of Windows 10, a lot of changes go unnoticed, and that usually receives more attention are all those problems that occur with each major update.

The new versions not only need better names, but they need to start being more memorable . If a delay makes an update better, welcome. If today we ask any user to name the big changes in Windows 10 between the Anniversary Update and the Fall Creators Update, it will probably go blank.

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