Fun and interesting facts about your roof

How often do you think about the roof over your head? Probably never, unless you are a Roofers Romford way. This often forgotten part of your home is essential in keeping the internal environment exactly how you want it and not susceptible to the conditions of the outside environment. It is for this reason that if you find you have a problem with your roof, you should contact a Roofers in Romford as soon as possible to get the problems fixed.

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Here are some fun and interesting facts about roofs.

  • Roofs have been used for thousands of years and it is thought that thatched roofs date back to between 5000 and 1800 BC and clay tiles were used as far back as 10,000 BC, although they were much less sophisticated than the ones we see today.
  • Thatched roofs were so popular because the reed that is used is naturally waterproof and it sheds any water, snow and sleet that falls on it.
  • Red roofing tiles were once seen as the classic colour or roofing materials, but the mre modern slate grey tiles have taken over in popularity in recent years. As you travel around the country you will see a variety of different roofing materials used through each region.


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  • Green roofs have also become popular with the looking for an eco-friendly roofing solution. These roofs can help to protect your property from the sun, act as a barrier against water and are also aesthetically pleasing.

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