How can I get a good boiler service?

Your boiler should be serviced every year by a Gas Safe engineer. But how do you know you’re getting a good boiler service? After Which? Research revealed that some engineers were failing in even the basic safety checks, you need to be on the ball when service time is due.

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What to expect from a good service

A boiler service is like getting an MOT for your car – it’s a way to ensure your heating system keeps running smoothly for as long as possible. As a customer, the least you should expect is a complete written report signed by the engineer after a robust inspection of the boiler itself.

Unfortunately, in the Which? Report engineers were failing to even carry out the basic legally required checks, and that can put your safety at risk. Even a new boiler installation Cheltenham homes can rely on should be serviced from the first year.

Try a local registered engineer like to do a thorough job.

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What is a gas safety check?

If you’re a landlord you have a legal responsibility to carry out gas safety checks on behalf of your tenants. If you’re a homeowner, this should form part of your boiler service and covers the following checks:

– Correct operating pressure
– Adequate air supply and correctly burning gas
– Flues and chimneys conduct fumes safely to the outside
– All safety devices including cut outs are working correctly

Your heating engineer should also check that the boiler casing forms an effective seal for the unit, and then remove it for an inspection of all the major internal parts including all the gas pipes. They will also fire up the boiler safely to ensure it’s working properly and clean any parts, particularly electrics, to check for signs of wear.

Make a checklist

A good boiler service should last at least 30 minutes and be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. These fully trained professionals will know what to look for and do a better job than an unregistered illegal engineer. Check their credentials and compare with the Gas Safe register online.

Ask what will happen during the service and use the checklist above to ensure that they’re doing a thorough inspection. If not, don’t be afraid to ask why, or contact Gas Safe.


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