Questions about fitting a stairlift

People often wonder whether fitting a stair lift can interfere with the structural integrity of the stairs. For the installation of a stairlift, a track is attached by brackets to the wall for support, maintaining the rails of the stairlift off the floor.

Brackets are attached to the stair treads with 2 to 5 screws per bracket to ensure there is no damage to the bannister or wall surrounding the staircase. A professional installer will always make sure the stairlift is an adequate distance from the wall or bannisters to prevent scuffs and scratches. For details on Stairlifts Bristol, visit a site like Pearce Bros, suppliers of Stairlifts Bristol

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Will a stairlift ruin my carpet?

As the majority of the stairlift attaches to the wall, rather than the stairs, there should be no damage to the carpet. The support bracket screws attaching the lift to the stairs will go through the carpet so it can leave small holes in the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as under the location of the bracket supporting the unit, when you get your stairlift removed. The weight of the unit can also sometimes leave an indentation in the carpet, but this can usually be lifted out with a steam cleaner.

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Will it ruin my stairs?

The stairlift is just attached using small brackets and as long as the stairlift has been  installed by specialist fitters, there should be no impact on the structure of the stairs. As mentioned above, the only sign of a stairlift has been installed on the stairs will be a few screw holes, grooves or potential slight colour variations in the carpet due to natural fade.

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