Winter driving tips that all drivers should know

Severe weather can be intimidating and dangerous for drivers, no matter how experienced they may be. All motorists should take extra care while driving in adverse weather.

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According to research, in excess of 1.5 million private car drivers have suffered at least one accident within the past five years due to wintry road conditions.

There are numerous tips for driving in the winter, tackling long-distance trips in the winter, and driving in the snow. A number of these are outlined below:

Generic winter driving tips:

– Make sure to fasten your seatbelt every time you get into your vehicle.
– Never warm-up your vehicle in an enclosed space, such as a garage.
– Don’t use cruise control when surfaces are slippery.
– Make sure your tyres are properly inflated.
– Avoid using your parking brake in cold, wet, and snowy weather.
– Avoid driving when tired.

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Tips for long-distance winter trips:

– Keep an eye on the weather reports and adjust your plans accordingly.
– Let others know your ETA so they can contact the authorities if you don’t arrive within a reasonable amount of time.
– Get your vehicle inspected before attempting a long trip.
– Keep at least half a tank of petrol in your vehicle.
– Pack a mobile telephone, blankets, gloves, hats, food, water and any medication in your car.
– If possible, run the engine and heater long enough to remove the chill without using too much fuel.
– Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t clogged with snow, mud, or ice – a blocked exhaust could cause carbon monoxide gas to leak into the vehicle.

Tips for driving in the snow:

– Speed up and slow down slowly.
– Drive more slowly.
– Increase the following distance to eight to ten seconds.
– Don’t stop if you can avoid it. If you can slow down to rolling speed until a traffic light changes, do so.

If you really don’t have to travel then don’t. Not everyone can drive well in the snow so don’t tempt fate.

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