How to get the best value from your used pallet racking

If you are searching for ways to save money when it comes to your warehouse costs, why not consider buying second-hand pallet racking to save some money? Second-hand pallet racking is not necessarily poor in quality. As long as you follow a few straightforward guidelines, they can be a high-quality solution to all of your warehousing issues.

How to get the best value from your used pallet racking

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Make sure you are buying quality

When you are buying used pallet racking systems, you need to make sure that they comply with all of the relevant industry guidelines. New pallet racking systems have to meet the standards required, and so should old ones.

Consider your needs before you buy

Before you buy any racking system, regardless of whether it is new or used, you need to consider how and where you will use it. If you have limited floor space, a mezzanine system might suit you best. If you need to store heavy loads, a cantilever system will meet your needs. However, if you are going to be moving your storage around on a regular basis, a dynamic system is likely to be more appropriate.

Talking to experts like those at can help clarify any concerns you might have when you are looking for a second-hand pallet racking system. They will be able to advise you in detail about your individual business needs. For more advice about buying second-hand pallet racking systems, Warehouse News offers some guidance.

How to get the best value from your used pallet racking2

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Get the right accessories

If you are saving money by buying used racking, you might want to spend some of your leftover money on racking accessories. This will actually save you money in the long run by extending the life of your pallet system. Accessories to consider include pallet racking frame protectors, a pallet racking anti-collapse mechanism, timber decking or rack end protection heavy-duty barriers.

Maintain your system

Once you’ve bought your pallet racking system. you need to make sure it continues to function as it should, Following the SEMA guidelines regarding checking, maintenance and planning should help you avoid accidents, faults and failures. Making sure that routes through your warehouse are clear and that there are no tripping hazards should help avoid problems.

Second-hand pallet racking systems are a great way to reduce your warehouse costs and your carbon footprint.

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