Jog your way to a healthier life

Jogging and running in general has become a popular way to keep fit. With many people feeling the benefits both physically and mentally. If you are unsure of the possibility of improving your fitness through jogging, running and walking you should listen to who is one of the motivational speakers that speak on this subject. Whilst you are out running in the beautiful Spring air you can enjoy some time to yourself away from the demands of everyday life and maybe listen to one of your favourite audio books or some music that you enjoy.

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Here are some ways that jogging can help you.

  • Heart health – any cardiovascular exercise, if done well and correctly will help to keep your heart and wider cardiovascular system healthy. This essentially means any activity that raises you heart rate. These types of exercises helps to exercise the heart muscle and helps to work at an optimum level. Along with also helping to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels this means that jogging can help to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and other related issues. If you are overweight, have heart disease, diabetes or have not exercised for a long period of time you should first consult your doctor before you embark on a jogging or running routine.
  • Mental Health – as well as exercising your body, jogging can also help to improve your mental health. This is due to the fact that endorphins are released when you exercise that are known as feel good hormones. These flood your system with a natural high feeling as well as making you feel more alert, that can last for as much as seven hours after you have returned from your run.

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  • Weight loss – any activity that you undertake can help to burn calories. If you complete this on a regular basis along with carefully watching what you eat and ensuring that you make healthy food choices and are drinking plenty of water, you will find that you start to lose weight. As an aerobic exercise, running can also help to boost your metabolism which in itself can help you to lose a few pounds.
  • Muscle development – as with any exercise a by-product of running is the development of muscles in the leg and stomach areas. It is the repetition of the activity that produces the toned look and texture of the muscles in these areas.

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