Sexuality through history

People haven’t always felt the same way about sex as we do today. Throughout different periods in history, culture and trends have shaped the way we view sex, talk about it and even how we do it. There is a great deal of information available now that would not have been available even to our own grandparents. So what sorts of events in human history have an impact on the way people feel about sex.

Wars have a huge impact on cultural views of sexual relationships. Wars made many men and women feel like they may not live to enjoy another tomorrow and the danger and thrill of not knowing about what tomorrow will bring, made many feel hopeless but also free of restraints for the first time. With an apathetic frame of mind as well as being in a different environment made many people sexually relaxed to the men or women of that culture. That frame of mind helped to pave a way to our sexuality of today. For more information on ways to spice up your love life, visit sexcite online sex toys

Transportation and communication are massive factors in our changing sexuality. With the arrival of the phone, all of a sudden people could be in contact at any time and immediately and share things that could not be shared in person, thus, creating more intimacy. That intimacy could take place at any time of day. The advent of the internet made it even easier and better for people to be intimate and now there was the added technology of being able to share instant messages, photos and live webcam contact. It was the Industrial Revolution that brought people together from rural villages into big towns for the first time in human history that really started the sexual revolution. The growth of television, magazines and popular music have also made it easy for the public to experience sexual content and bring broader appeal to the education of sex.

Speaking of music, when Elvis Presley came about with his music and his hip thrusts, many people thought he was dangerous to the sexual morality of the younger population and encourage them to do obscene things. This was really the first time that a sex symbol reached global proportions.

Sexuality through history

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The arrival of the bikini was another factor that is believed to have influenced sexuality as we know it today. The bikini made it popular to show off more curves and skin, combined with growing confidence and freedom of expression, it was a revolutionary garment among the younger generation.

The work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson on sexual response was crucial during the 1960’s. It had a huge impact on sex education and was the first time this topic had really been discussed in the public domain. The reason why we function sexually was explored in the work and led to a greater understanding of the why and how of sexual relations. It is thanks to their forward thinking work that we have counseling and professional ways of handling sexual inadequacies.

Contraception had been around for a long time but with growing demands on controlling the birth rate, preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and wanting another option than just the pill, condoms became more acceptable. Planned Parenthood and it’s campaign to stop underage pregnancy, made condoms well known with the younger crowd. Commercials on different brand name companies that sell contraceptives marketed their products to the young people and made it more acceptable to have sex as long as you wore a condom.

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