The Importance of the Correct Grease Trap

If you are running a restaurant or an establishment involved in the commercial preparation of food, then you will probably know about FOG – fat, oil and grease – management. Grease traps or interceptors are long established as important devices for preventing most FOG from getting into the water system. It is vital that your business is equipped with the right kind of grease trap.

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An Old Problem

FOG getting into the sewers has been an issue for centuries. The Victorians devised traps to prevent FOG contaminating water supplies, much as they do today. More than a century later, many cafes, hotels and restaurants are fitted with Stainless Steel Grease Traps, and there are even laws governing this. However, according to this report in The Guardian, GOG waste is still an issue for many premises which don’t have a working grease trap or the right kind for their establishment. This can create huge problems in the sewerage system.

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Maintenance and Efficiency

A grease trap lives and operates in the drainage system. It is designed to catch and isolate FOG as it exits sinks and dishwashers with the waste water. An efficient grease trap will make the grease solidify so that it floats to the top of the trap and can be removed. Of course, the grease trap will eventually fill up and needs regular cleaning to ensure it can do its job.

There are different types of grease traps, and when you think about purchasing one you want to consider how many meals a day your business serves and how many sinks the grease trap needs to service. If you want to learn more about Stainless Steel Grease Traps and what kind is suitable for your business, then it would be worthwhile to contact a company with expertise in this area such as, which can offer options and advice.

Grease traps are good for the environment and make sure that sewers can flow freely without expensive servicing or inconvenient and expensive flooding. When fat is clogging a pipe, other materials can stick to it and cause a huge problem that requires extremely costly repairs. Avoid all of that by having your business fitted with the grease trap suited to it. Make sure that it is cleaned out regularly and help your business and the planet.

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