Signs your office needs a revamp

Have you been looking around your office recently and thinking it looks a little tired? Some businesses update their offices regularly, as staying on trend and contemporary is integral to their industry. Some other businesses can run in the same environment for decades and might need a nudge to update. Here are some tell-tale signs that your office might be passed its best:

1.The office doesn’t match your brand

An outdated and tired office isn’t going to send a great message to visiting clients or customers. It can even have a negative impact on your brand. If your office hasn’t had a refurb in some years, it might not match the corporate colours making it more difficult for customers and staff alike to align with the company’s ethos and outlook. If your office doesn’t blend with the message you’re trying to send, it’s time for an overhaul. For Office fit out companies, visit

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  1. You need to expand

Another compelling reason for a refurb is that you’ve simply run out of space for growth. The success of any business relies on the ability to grow and diversify. If the current space is restricting that ability, it’s going to have a negative impact on the growth of your business. It’s time to find some new space for fresh ideas and additional talented staff.

Of course, with additional staff comes the need for more amenities. You’ll need extra toilet facilities, a break area and room for more storage and desks. Factor in these changes when planning your refurb.

  1. Productivity is affected

If you are noticing a drop in productivity levels, this might be because the environment is outdated and not meeting the current needs of your staff. When staff are surrounded with tired décor, broken desks or grubby carpets, they can become complacent in their work. If they feel that the company doesn’t care about the site, they are not going to feel inspired to care much about their work either, whether this is a subconscious feeling or not.

  1. Employees are miserable

If there is a lack of morale or staff are clearly down or miserable, it could be time to sweep out the cobwebs and reinvigorate the office. Psychologically, the fit out of a work environment can significantly impact the levels of happiness and morale amongst staff.

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  1. Messy and Cluttered

If you’re running out of storage space and the office is cluttered with piles of paperwork, boxes of supplies or any other equipment, then it’s time to think about a revamp and adding more storage. This kind of clutter will also appear unattractive to customers and clients, giving your business the appearance of being disorganised whether you are or not.

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