Essential Checklist for Viewing a Property

When it comes to buying house, it’s all too easy to get carried away with excitement and not pay attention to all the little things that really matter. Here is a list of important things you should be checking when you go to view a property:

If the TV is on or music is playing, then kindly ask for it to be turned off. You want to hear the atmosphere and surroundings as they really are during the day. Are there planes flying overhead or can you hear traffic or trains? You might fall in love with a home but if it’s right next to a motorway, can you live with this on a daily basis?

Don’t be fooled by seller’s tricks like freshly brewed coffee and baked bread. Focus on the bricks and mortar even if the place smells amazing.

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Check out the seller’s furniture. Do they have small beds to make the rooms look bigger for example? Will you need to factor in the cost of replacement furniture if yours is too big?

Look closely at the ceilings and walls for signs of damp staining or mould that might indicate a leak somewhere. Also check window frames, especially if they are timber for any signs of rotting or leakage. Check for condensation on the window panes which could be a sign of bad insulation.

Check that you have a good network signal. This is a major consideration for many people when buying a property, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to check their signal. Test your phone in different spots around the house.

Have a thorough look at the exterior of the property. Check the guttering and downpipes for any signs of leakage. Missing roof tiles are another thing to look for, as is the age and condition of the fascia. You might want to replace older timber with new UPVC Fascia Boards.

A tree-lined street might look appealing but too many trees close to a property could spell trouble. Another consideration is that trees steal a lot of light and can be costly to remove.

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Check the garden for any plants that might cause you serious headaches, such as Japanese knotweed. This plant has been responsible for mortgages being declined and costing tens of thousands to remove.

Make sure you know exactly what’s included in the asking price. Will the sellers be leaving any appliances or furnishings?

If the vendor is home when you view, ask them why they are leaving. Find out when the property was last re-wired or the gas and electric serviced. Their answers could determine how you feel about the property

If you can, hang around and speak to the neighbours. Get the gossip – has anyone died in the house, are there neighbourly disputes or planning permission for extensions in the vicinity?

Check out the local area. It’s a good idea to take a stroll around and look at the condition of other properties in the street. Are the local amenities good and close by? Where is the nearest bus stop etc?

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