The Curse of the January Birthday – and how to avoid it!

January – Traditionally the month of dreary weather, extreme new years resolutions, and the ‘January Blues’. But what if your birthday is in January? Surely you deserve a birthday as great as all the other months of the year! For people who have family and friends with January birthdays, it is tough – what do you buy them that they haven’t had for Christmas? How do you organise a birthday party, when everyone overspent at Christmas and are all trying to save money, not to mention sober up or eat less? So, how do you give the January birthday folk a birthday they deserve?

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Gifts: When it comes to gifts, you may have to use a little more imagination – as Christmas has just been, try to find out if there was anything that they had on their list that they didn’t get (if they make lists that is!). Think of something unique – something personal and unique to them – think about what they like doing? If you have an older relative who doesn’t get out much, lap trays always go down well – not only for eating they can use them to rest a crossword or a jigsaw puzzle on  – personalise them at and they will have a gift that is thoughtful and useful! If you are into crafts, or a whizz in the kitchen, why not make them a gift? It will be something thoughtful just for them, and is cheaper than buying something, if you are watching the post-Christmas pennies.

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Parties: If it is a special birthday especially, don’t let it go un-noticed just because of the time of year. If you want to throw a traditional birthday party, it may take a bit more forward planning and saving up (maybe include it in your Christmas budget), and invite people before Christmas – people tend to stay in more in January but are more likely to accept an invite in December – and once they are there it will probably just what everyone needs to cheer them up! Alternatively, why not arrange a weekend away? Have a look around in the January sales for cheap deals on breaks away. If a weekend is a bit much, a day out doing something that they love is another good option. If you are brave enough, you could always throw a house party – this is much cheaper, as long as the host doesn’t mind all the extra housework!

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