Update your Nvidia drivers without having to install the GeForce Experience and give your data

If you have an Nvidia graphic card you have probably come across the fact that when you try to update your drivers you end up installing GeForce Experience software, and that this also asks you to create an account to be able to use it .

If you are not interested in filling your computer with a rather unnecessary program, you may want to try TinyNvidiaUpdateCheker , a simple tool for Windows that allows us to search and update our drivers automatically without relying on GeForce Experience and with several additional benefits.

Although it is possible to download only the drivers from the official website of Nvidia, if you want to know when there are new updates and install them without having to go every time to visit and download manually, your only official option is the GeForce Experience. TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker resolves this for you.

Even if you are a gamer and you want to optimize the performance of your games to the maximum, there are better tools than the GeForce Experience, which has its security problems , it requires you to create an account or connect with one of Facebook, Google and others just to update a controller , and in addition to this the Nvidia drivers include several telemetry services.

With TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker you get away from all this problematic combo . Since the telemetry of the controllers is an optional feature and can be removed from the installer, this tool does it automatically and extracts only the necessary drivers from the GPU. No Physics, HD Audio, Geforce Experience, 3D drivers, etc., if you do not need them.

All you have to do is download the installer of the latest version from your page on GitHub, run the program, wait for it to detect your GPU and press OK.

The next thing is to decide if you want to perform a minimal installation of the drivers , that is, without telemetry and everything else. If you choose not to install all the components except the GeForce Experience. The only thing that requires the minimum installation is to have installed WinRAR and uninstall the previous drivers if you already had them installed.

Then you just have to wait for the tool to search, download and install the latest available driver. If you want the process to be done automatically, you can add it to the system start, or you can create a scheduled task so that TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker runs on its own, perhaps, weekly.

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