Top sewing trends for 2016

Sewing your own clothes and accessories such as bags is a great way to get a new wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of buying from the shops. You can also create something unique and make sure it fits perfectly. There are a few exciting trends emerging for 2016 to help you when looking for materials and patterns. The other beauty about sewing your own clothes is that you can find a style that suits you and keep making it in different fabrics and colours.

Top sewing trends for 2016

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Flower power

Floral prints continue to impress, particularly for the summer and autumn or for special occasions such as a wedding. They can be bold flowers or more subtle buds in contrasting colours such as white flowers on a blue print or pink flowers on a black print. These are great for dresses, whether they are maxi length or mini. Floral skirts can also be paired up with a plain top to create a wonderful effect.

Stripes and spots

Bold is beautiful and you can certainly turn heads with stripes, either vertical or horizontal depending on which suits your shape the best. You can choose classic colours such as navy and white for the nautical effect or go bold. Polka dots are also making a comeback. Stripes and spots are perfect for dresses, skirts and tops. If you’re thinking of separates, then pair them with a plain white jersey top or denim for a stunning look.

Cool cotton is a great fabric to use with spots and stripes, as well as plain materials. If you’re looking for inspirational cotton poplins, take a look at

Take a bow to ribbons

Ribbons are great accessories as you can use a contrasting colour to make a bow for a dress or to use as a contrasting hem. This allows you to play around with your pattern a bit and to personalise it. You could even add a bow to your shoes or bag to complement your outfit.

Awesome accessories

Once you have completed your outfit, you may want to add accessories, such as a handbag. You can make your own in the same material or in leather or faux leather in the same colour. This will really make you look coordinated, plus you get a new handbag at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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