Looking after your best fur friend for a day.

Where would we be without dogs. Its pretty clear that we would not have got very far without the assistance of these faithfully friends. Dogs are related to wolves, but they seemed happy to be domesticated pretty quickly and soon became part of the family. Not only that they protect us from harm and provide us with an unconditional love that cannot be measured. There is strong evidence to suggest that Dogs reduce our blood pressure plus they are a great way to keep fit as they provide us with the impetus to go for a walk and get some exercise. With all that in mind its only fair then that if we need to leave them somewhere should we have to go away without them it should be in the best kind of place we can. There is now a choice for a Doggy Day care especially if you can’t leave you pooch alone at home for some reason. For example, places like a Dog Day Care Surrey area company like  https://nestledownboardingkennels.co.uk/ are a great example of what is out there for the considerate owner.

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How is it that we and Dogs have such a strong and fundamental relationship with each other? Whilst we do build close friendships with animals such as Cats there is still an aloofness there that is not quite the same bond as with a Dog. The answer is simple evolution. Because we were able to domestic those Wolves so soon their evolution has followed us intrinsically. So, as we developed our brains and learnt knew skills so did they in tandem with us. We did have some advantages such as opposable thumbs and walking upright but without Dogs we would have struggled to get on in the world. Dogs and Humans are classed as being hyper social. The best way to illustrate this is to see the work of the gun dog. These are animals that when requested will go and collect and animal that has been downed by a hunter, but they will not eat the bird themselves. They will bring it back because they instinctively know that the human hunter will share the spoils with them later. This is achieved through training and affection shown by the hunter.

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There are numerous studies that show other little simple things like if we stare into the eyes of a Dog then the response we give it are similar to when we look into a baby’s eyes. With that level of response, it doesn’t come as much of a shock to find that many people go through a similar grieving process to losing a Dog as they would a family member or friend.

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