Two Supplements that All Vegans Should Include in their Diet

Eating a vegan diet is becoming ever more popular as people turn to the diet and its benefits for both health and for the health of the planet too! It’s easy nowadays to get vegan foods, and it is easy to fit in with any lifestyle – you can even try vegan bodybuilding recipes out now like these if you spend a lot of time in the gym!

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If you are thinking of changing over to a vegan diet, as with any diet it is important that you are making sure your body is getting all the things that it needs to function healthily! Here are two of the vitamins that you should take as a supplement to your diet:

Vitamin D – This vital vitamin has been in the news a lot recently due to the fact that it seems those who don’t have enough of it seem more likely to become very ill from COVID-19. He main way of getting this vitamin is from the sun so it isn’t only vegans that can have a shortage of it. Living in Britain means that during the winter months we receive very little natural daylight so take a vitamin D supplement daily through the winter.

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Calcium -This is vital for healthy bones, and comes mainly from dairy produce, which is not a part of the vegan diet. It is important to take a calcium supplement daily, as people who have lower levels of calcium are at risk of things like osteoporosis as well as increased chances of broken bones.

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