A pet can improve the quality of life of the elderly

We are many who worry about the health and fitness of our elders. Many times, when retirement comes, older adults move from having moderate to significant physical activity because of their work to spending the day at home, almost without leaving. Obligations are over and for many it is difficult to start almost from scratch with a completely different lifestyle.

On one occasion we talked about how wearables or quantifying devices can help older adults maintain a routine of physical activity in their day to day. Another possibility for the elderly to stay active and to preserve their physical and emotional health are pets : what benefits can they bring to the elderly?

Among the most common problems in older adults we can find solitude, isolation and lack of activity, and in many cases we use therapy with pets, especially dogs, in the case of people Healthy elderly and also suffering from some disease (the therapy with dogs in elderly with Alzheimer’s has already shown to improve their quality of life).

Pets can be very helpful in dealing with problems such as isolation or depression : feeling that you have to take care of another living being, caring for it, providing food, looking after your health and playing with it Older adults continue to feel they have a responsibility and feel useful (important especially when they stop working).

In the case of pets that require walking, such as dogs, adopting them can be a great opportunity for the elderly to maintain moderate physical activity and socialize with the environment to prevent them from being isolated. People who live with dogs, thanks to this daily physical activity, usually have less problems of being overweight and circulatory, in addition to greater self-esteem.

Things to keep in mind before adopting a pet

Before adopting a pet for an older person, we must always keep in mind if you will be able to take care of it. People who suffer illnesses that limit their mobility, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, you may look overwhelmed by living with an animal that demands them too much movement.

Generally, as long as they have support from their environment, older people appreciate the company of a pet. With the help of organizations or shelters we can find a pet that marries the lifestyle of the person you are going to live with (a dog, cat or rabbit that is quiet or is not a puppy so you know the basic rules Of coexistence, for example). Thus both can get a greater benefit: health, company and much affection.

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