Can I get a grant for double glazing?

The Government initiated a scheme called The Green Deal to help homeowners with the upfront cost of financing double glazing, which could then be paid back with savings made on lower energy costs. However, the scheme was discontinued in 2015 due to a lack of popularity and issues such as contracts and interest rates.

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Green and awkward

One of the problems with The Green Deal was the high interest rates charged. Often, double glazing companies offered better terms than the Government did. If the home was sold and The Green Deal loan was ongoing, the new owners would have to take it over, and many people were not happy about that. This also meant that if the installation was found to be faulty in some way, residents who had not been party to the contract originally signed could not access repairs or compensation.

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New developments

The Government has not yet put any other initiative in place to pick up where The Green Deal left off, although cuts to schemes to improve home insulation have had a marked negative impact, according to a report in The Guardian. Right now, homeowners must pay for their own double glazing, motivated by competitive pricing and the money that they will save by installing this form of insulation.

However, there are a couple of options for homeowners in Scotland. Scottish residents should contact their local authority to find out if they could be eligible for a HEEPS (Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland) grant, which can be offered to vulnerable people and senior citizens.

Free double glazing is not available, but a very competitive deal certainly is. Some companies offer very low interest rates or even no interest over a specified time period. If you want to discover more about Cheltenham double glazing, it is a good idea to consult trustworthy experts in the field such as Firmfix, who can assist you with information and friendly advice.

Double glazing helps to keep your home warmer, and another benefit is the reduction of noise coming in from outside the home. With the right deal, double glazing can be within everyone’s reach, and it is only a matter of time before all households can enjoy the comfort and benefits of double glazing.

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