Are you working from home or at the office?

In this modern age of computers, mobile phones, laptops and Kindles a lot of men and women across the United Kingdom are choosing to work from home rather than go in to the office.  There are definite advantages and disadvantages to both ways of working.  If you decide to work from home you cut out all the travelling times and costs but you would need to have a dedicated work space in your home.

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If you go out to work at the office you have the sociable element and camaraderie of other workers, where as staying home could be lonely, though lots of people find it easier to concentrate.  The key to working from home is to have a dedicated work area, access to the internet, a power source, peace and quiet.  Set a work time schedule and try to stick to it, being at home does make it easier to take breaks, get some fresh and still get all your work completed as long as you can be strict with yourself and not get distracted easily.

The office worker has all the benefits of colleagues to encourage and support  them as well as quality desks and chairs from companies such as Gloucester office Furniture  plus top range computers, telephones and other essential equipment.  They also benefit from paid lunch hours, breaks, holidays, pensions and sick pay to name just a few things.  As a modern worker it’s up to you to decides what’s the best work practice for you.

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