Six important considerations when choosing a courier service

When your courier offers a positive shipping experience, you can build a reputation that will win you repeat sales and business growth.

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Here are six factors to consider when choosing a courier.

1 Speed of delivery

The sooner your customers receive their goods, the happier they are and the more likely they will be to come back, leading to repeat sales. Research what your competitors are doing and carry out a survey to find out your customers’ expectations. One survey found that online buyers expect delivery within three to five days, while another discovered that most online shoppers will pay more for faster delivery.

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2 Weight and size limitations

Your products’ weight and size requirements may dictate your delivery partner, either because heavy items cost more or because some couriers can’t take large items. You can look up the weight of your goods by checking the listings on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

3 Proof of delivery

This can ensure peace of mind for you and your customer. Some couriers even send your customer a text to let them know exactly when to expect their delivery.

4 Customer service

Although your deliveries are dealt with by a separate company, your customers will associate any problems with you. Look up online reviews of your shipping partner and keep an eye on social media for customers’ grumbles. Monitor the entire shipping experience to spot difficulties before they start. Which? has helpfully investigated the best and worst couriers.

5 Cost to value

Costs can mount up quickly. As an online business owner, you need to carry out a cost-value analysis when calculating what you pay for outsourcing delivery.

It can be difficult to put a numerical value on improving customer experiences, so rate success in other ways. You can monitor your business’s value by checking reviews or sending out surveys to customers. Bear in mind that using the cheapest courier may not provide the best overall experience.

You might opt to choose a same day courier service from a company such as

6 Parcel insurance

No courier is immune from accidents. Courier insurance can give peace of mind; however, ceramics, glass and electrical goods may not be covered. It is therefore important to look at the terms and conditions.


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