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The presence of bugs in a newly released piece of software or application can be a source of great frustration for both customer and vendor, but the implications could run far deeper. In some cases, bugs could mean that the software has fundamental security flaws that could lead to the personal information of those using the software being compromised. Automated crowdsourced software testing services are one way in which you can help address these concerns.

Better Security

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In a world where all online businesses can expect to have all aspects of the services they offer rated by their customers, removing bugs and glitches that interrupt the customer experience is of paramount importance. With stories of major data breaches regularly appearing in the news, customers are increasingly putting security at the top of their list of concerns.

Identifying potential exploits and vulnerabilities before hackers do is the best way to reduce the risk of data loss and security breaches, both of which can cause long-lasting damage to a company’s reputation and a devastating effect on sales and profitability. Firms that fail to identify such bugs themselves risk them being discovered by third parties.

Following allegations that it stores large amounts of information on security flaws in software, the U.S. National Security Agency revealed that it discloses 91 per cent of the security flaws it discovers to US technology firms, indicating that many such issues slip through the testing net.


The vast majority of bugs are caused by human error. When it comes to software testing, human error also causes these bugs to be missed. In order to address this, many firms turn to companies such as that offer automated crowdsourced software testing services. Manual testing services are only of limited benefit because they operate only during working hours and retain the risk of human error, particularly if the exact same test needs to be repeated multiple times.

Automated tests can be run as many times as necessary at any time of day to an identical standard each and every time. This can significantly reduce the time required to bring a new product to the market. Automated testing is also more effective because it can quickly compare the results of new tests with those from earlier runs, thus ensuring that any bugs, potential exploits or other vulnerabilities have been addressed.

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