Word, Excel and Outlook will soon be enhanced with artificial intelligence

Microsoft is working on improving the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in Office 365 . In the coming months, Word, Excel and Outlook will receive new functions powered by AI, and in addition Cortana will improve it to behave more naturally.

The company wants to bring artificial intelligence to most of its products, so that even the most casual user can benefit. Excel will have a new feature called “Insights” that will arrive first at the Office Insider program at the end of December.

With Insights Excel will be able to highlight the patterns it detects so that the user has it easier when analyzing and exploring their data. Machine learning will enable Excel to identify trends and outliers in spreadsheets , as well as offering new perspectives on data.

In the case of the word processor, Word will have a new function called “Acronyms” . This will help users to better understand the shorthand of a document using Microsoft Graph, showing definitions of terms that have already been defined. This feature will first arrive at Word Online in Office 365 at the beginning of 2018.

The iOS app of Outlook will also receive improvements thanks to its integration with Cortana . The virtual assistant will help the mail app inform users when it is time for an important appointment, in addition to offering directions and arrival times according to the location.

OneDrive and SharePoint will now be able not only to recognize the content within the images you have stored, but will be able to automatically extract the text from the images and allow you to search among things like receipts, cards, and so on . All Office 365 users will receive this feature at the end of December.

The news in Cortana, which will probably come with the next big update of Windows 10, have to do with the ability of the IA to chain some of its functions and be more efficient, for example, can do things like help you book tickets and Automatically add the event to your calendar .

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