Tapping the trend towards soft drinks

Juices and juice drinks are becoming increasingly popular in pubs and bars, and whilst there are many branded, bottled drinks on the market, draught soft drinks are becoming a more attractive option for many establishments. Drinks on draught can offer increased margins, lower waste disposal and some very unique flavours. Draught soft drinks also tap the growing trend away from alcohol consumption amongst the next generation of consumers, with teetotalism growing a reported 40 per cent in the past eight years within the young consumer market. A draught soft drink supplier can enable establishments to leverage this opportunity with a variety of post-mix drinks and juice drinks.

Tapping the trend

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Increased margins

Greater margins are the main reason for opting for draught soft drinks over bottled variants, and there remains a considerable amount of untapped potential here.

Soft drinks have not quite made the level of progress that the market expected of them. Indeed, three quarters of pubs report that the category’s contribution is not higher than 10 per cent of turnover, according to analyst comments. They might be missing a trick, given the margins to be made.

With some suppliers, such as http://empireuk.com/, selling 10-litre bag-in-box post-mix drink options as opposed to the nearest best option of 7 litres, bars can get even more value for their money. Some suppliers will also allow you to sample the drinks before you commit to buying them, enabling bars to reassure themselves that this method of drinks dispensing is going to offer them the margin they require.

Unique flavours

Offering interesting flavours and developing a signature combination of juices is a good way for pubs and bars to tap the growing potential amongst soft drink consumers. An own-brand flavour could prove the point of differentiation over other establishments. A wide variety of flavours, such as orange; orange and passion fruit; apple and mango; cranberry; blackcurrant; apple; and mango are available and are attractive choices for any bar or pub that wishes to offer their customers a wide range of refreshing drinks.

Juices aren’t the only beverages that are available as post-mix drinks; there are also branded soft drinks and non-branded soft drinks, flavoured soft drinks, cordials and mixers, all of which can offer establishments the margins they are looking for whilst offering their consumers the variety they desire.

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