The 13 best bots you can add to Telegram

Some time ago, many of us fell victim to the charms of Telegram : encrypted messages, stickers, preview links, mentions and responses to specific messages in groups, support for Apple Watch … many of these features were already Telegram before WhatsApp (and some are still to come to this one).

But if there is an original functionality in Telegram above all is the possibility of interacting with bots . And as the API to create Telegram bots is public, there are few who have launched to create one. They are designed to be useful or programmed for pure fun, some are for personal use, others make more sense if they are used in groups … Either to chat with him on your own or add him to your group of friends, there is practically a bot for every occasion .

With so many Telegram bots available, it can be a bit tricky to find the most practical, useful or fun ones. That’s why in this list we recommend a few thought for all kinds of tastes and needs . To try them, you just have to click on their name, and a tab will open in your browser from which you can contact the bot directly. If you also have the Telegram desktop client installed, the bot will automatically open in it.


A bot to which you can ask for images of anything. Its use is very simple: you just have to open a chat and write /getfollowed by the keyword related to what you are looking for. You can also locate animated GIFs with the command /getgif. Be careful, sometimes the result may not be what you expect …


With this bot you can get a weather forecast of weather in your city, for tomorrow or for the next five days. It has support for several languages ​​(including Spanish), for Celsius or Fahrenheit, and you can also schedule it to send you the forecast of the next day in an automatic message.


A bot that you can program to send you a specific message at a specific time, as a reminder . There is another with this same function called DeLorean.


This is one of the so-called inline bots , that is, they can be used in groups without the need to join them. With it you can check the price of any product on Amazon , along with a chart with the evolution of the price and a link to the product file. To use it, simply type @amazonglobalbotin any chat window followed by the name of the product, and you will see a list of results in which you can select one of them. It can be configured to work with different versions of Amazon (including Spanish).


GifBot is another inline bot , and it is the best to obtain the animated GIF that you need at any time . To use it, all you have to do is type @gifin any chat window followed by a keyword to search, wait for the results and then touch the GIF you want to send. In addition, you can save any GIF sent or received in a chat to be reused later.


This is one of those bots that gives more play if used in a group. It is a question and answer game in the style of Trivial Pursuit, on various topics (in English, of course). The questions may or may not have a time limit to answer, and the bot keeps statistics of the participants.


And we continue with games, this time with the classic El Ahorcado : find out the word proposing letters before you run out of lives. The bot has support for multiple languages, including Spanish. It also keeps a record of wins and losses.


Do not have enough with photos from @ImageBot and animated GIFs from @GifBot? Nothing happens, you can also use UmadBot, a bot designed to send you the most suitable GIF for every occasion. You just have to select the corresponding feeling on the keyboard (anger, joy, surprise, laughter …) and the bot will send the GIF (without the possibility of prior choice). The arrows on the keyboard allow you to continue exploring GIFs on the same emotion.


VidBot is another inline bot that you can use from any chat. It works in a very similar way to @GifBot, only instead of animated GIFs, it allows you to search and share videos directly in the chat from where you request their services. Faster than looking for yourself on YouTube!


A simple bot that searches for images on the Internet so you can use them as wallpaper . The images are of different themes, and they are received directly in the bot’s chat window.


Are you interested in the horoscope? Well there is also a bot for you. It’s called @Zodiac and after a few questions to get to know you a little better, it will send you your astrological prediction of the day. It has support for several languages, including Spanish.


With so much reading about bots, have not you got the urge to make yours ? There are several tutorials on the Internet that help you with this, but of course, there is also a bot! It’s called PaqueBot and it guides you step by step through the creation process, directly from the Telegram interface, without writing a single line of code. Of course, do not expect to create something extraordinary, but as a first personal bot project it is not bad at all.


After all these bots, is there still one to discover? Of course, and @StoreBot helps you discover them . This “bot bots” collects classifications with the most valued, the most recent or the best news, among others, and also allows you to browse the bots available through categories. If you discover one that is worthwhile, share it in a comment!

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