The best water-resistant blinds for bathrooms and kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens can be damp, humid places. Even with plenty of natural ventilation and a top quality extractor fan, dampness and mould can still prove problematic. This is particularly so when it comes to window dressings, such as blinds and curtains. Consequently, it makes sense to choose a highly water-resistant product. Where blinds are concerned, there are some excellent choices.

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Waterproof shutters

Wooden window dressings are perennially popular but usually supposed to be poor at resisting damp conditions. Fortunately, it is now possible to source water-resistant shutters that are perfect for even the steamiest of kitchens or bathrooms.

Faux wood blinds

If you like the look of wood but not the price tag, faux wood blinds are well worth a look. Looking far more authentic than earlier versions, they are available in a variety of wood effect finishes, stains and painted versions. As they are fully waterproof, you can even have them within touching distance of a bath or shower without fear that a wet hand or towel will damage them.

Vertical blinds

Sometimes associated more with offices, vertical blinds can be an ideal option if you’re looking for something to preserve privacy whilst also allowing sufficient light in when you wish.

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Waterproof roller blinds

PVC roller blinds are a great choice. As well as being waterproof, easy to operate and a doddle to clean, they are available in a multitude of different colours and styles. It is even possible to transfer a much-loved photograph onto one of these blinds. A good retailer, such as, will be able to advise further. Moreover, unlike fabric versions, PVC roller blinds will not absorb cooking smells.

Child safety

Child safety is, rightly, often a concern when purchasing any blind with a chain or cord. Most products that use chains and cords can be fitted with child-safety devices. Using this sort of mechanism ensures that the cord or chain is kept out of reach of any children and also stays clean and tucked away. ROSPA offers more advice on all aspects of ensuring blinds are made safe for use around children.

Your choice

Whatever the style or colour scheme of your bathroom or kitchen, there will be a water-resistant blind that suits your budget. The biggest problem, in the end, may be choosing between all the alternatives.

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