Do you know these facts about Salisbury Cathedral?

If you find yourself near Salisbury, there are many reasons not to skip a visit to the city. One of the most impressive sights you can find there is Salisbury Cathedral. Steeped in fascinating history, this is an unmissable part of any visit to the area. Here are some interesting facts about this cathedral:

  • Now known as Salisbury Cathedral, officially it used to have more of a mouthful title – The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Mary.

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  • It is a wonderful example of Early English architecture.
  • It took 38 years to complete the construct which was finally finished in 1258.
  • The original wooden frame that was used when constructing the spire was never taken down and can still be seen today. For your visit to Salisbury, consider Things to do in Salisbury info from
  • Salisbury boasts the tallest spire in the UK, measuring in at a whopping 404 feet.
  • It’s not just the spire that inspires as the inside space is one of the largest church spaces in the country covering an impressive 80 acres.
  • Take a look at the world’s oldest operating clock. Yes there is a clock inside the cathedral that was made in 1386 and is still working!

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  • Salisbury Cathedral is responsible for looking after some of the most important documents in the world. It holds four original copies of the Magna Carta!
  • The very first stone was lain on April 28th 1220 making it a seriously old building indeed!

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