Do you want to buy a used Lotus?

You can hide behind the usual cloying thought of “breaks, and those who trust?” but inside a lot of us evolved burning desire to own a small “cabin” made for driving. After all, if you’re really Ages, the first thought is not the horses, but the weight: Colin Chapman made this philosophy a legend and still at Hethel “add lightness” is a mantra.

But, How to enter the Lotus World? At the level of money, the base, usually, is an Elise S2 from 120 hp in fair condition and rather kilometers; the demand for this type of Lotus drops rarely below 30,000 dollars. And paradoxically a price more affordable than an Elise S1, because the purist Lotus S2 cannot see it.

You can still find these prices also some S1, but only those made this lily because it is the most loved by purists and in very good condition rooms quietly well over 40,000 dollars.

The “Rover K-series”

Either way, let’s talk about cars with the long-lived and chatted engine Rover K-series, which, contrary to what many say, is a reliable engine that only requires proper maintenance. A motor is also available with 140 hp or 160 hp, as in the case of the 111S introduced in 1999, which moreover possessed a close-ratio gearbox, gumming increased and other improvements. For this, if you find one, it is easy that will be asked over 40,000 dollars. You will find this by authenticating dealer of Lotus Miami.

The “Toyota”

From the mid-2000s came the first Elise engine Toyota, considered the most reliable of the Rover, but it is not without flaws, perhaps as regards the change a bit weakling. A good specimen of the Elise R comes off from 42,000 approximately, but, if found, perhaps spend the same amount for the less powerful but more “rational” Elise S from 140 hp, which delivers a torque only slightly lower but at a much more intelligent system for road use.

We are now well over 40,000 dollars when we begin to consider the Elise SC 2008, not to mention the post in 2011 when it was the restyling S3; but these are equipped with a compressor that delivers better its power. If desired, there is also the 1.6 to 136 hp.

The Exige

We want to talk about Exige, let’s start with those “easy”: the Exige S2 aspirated 190 hp seem to go up in recent times, now it seems hard to stay under 45,000 dollars. The fact is that with 50,000 dollars is not impossible to find a good Exige S 220 hp and, after trying the supercharger, you will never go back … At around 55,0000 dollars you can find the Exige S 240 hp, perhaps with Performance Pack; for the most “valuable” Exige Cup 260 (RGB) will travel easily to the horse 60,000 dollars. Around the 60,000 dollars, we also saw some new Exige S V6, but they are very rare occasions it is too recent and, above all, it continues to sell short (because of our taxes, not Lotus).

A separate chapter for the Exige S1. Just name it causes shivers of pleasure because it is the most desired of all, the first Exige ever, that maybe less powerful current but so light, pure and surrounded by the magnificent aura of a typical instant classic. That would buy you the same even if you already have at home a 260 CUP. Well, it takes even more than 55,000 dollars for a copy in good condition. Always you will find it by authenticating dealer of Lotus Broward.

The Evora

The Lotus Evora is the exception that proves the rule … And is universally recognized as a true Lotus and is an excellent car that can hold its own against competitors, including Porsche Cayman; the problem is that it does not enjoy an equally powerful blazon. And the Lotus model which suffers most, albeit at Hethel continue to believe, especially with the recent Evora 400.

At first, it lost half of its value in three years. The good news is that that value did not change. Buy now an Evora sucked and the manual is a great deal, especially if 2 + 2: for less than 45,000 will have an anti-Porsche valid that there will massacre your wallet, even if the limit of SFOR super bowl 30 hp. For supercharged us to at least 50,000 dollars, especially if IPS.

The Opel Speedster

The jocks define the “Lotus of the poor”, but the Opel Speedster has nothing to envy the noble cousin. The frame is the same, the character and the purity also. There are two versions, the 2.2 sucked from 147 hp and the 2.0 Turbo, 200 hp. The fact that the purists consider it a “half-breed” allowed it, at least until some time ago, to position themselves in a very interesting range of second-hand market, with figures well below those of a level playing Elise.

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