Top benefits of vehicle tracking systems

Knowing exactly where your vehicles are at all times is important but as well as keeping track of geographical locations, GPS tracking systems also have many other benefits which will both increase peace of mind and improve the efficiency of your business.

Top benefits of vehicle tracking systems

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Productivity is important and you need to understand how your employees work. You may find that one of your employees often gets stuck in traffic, but after monitoring the routes they usually take you may be able to identify an alternative, more productive route for them to use in the future. They won’t have to sit in traffic unnecessarily, and your business will benefit from a boost in productivity.

With a digital system, you and your employees also won’t have to spend as much time filling out paperwork, leaving you free to concentrate on more important tasks. You could even use your vehicle tracking system as a productivity incentive by offering bonuses to your most productive employees.

A reduction in running costs

As well as monitoring the geographical location of a vehicle, tracking systems can also accurately keep track of how the vehicle is being driven. Travelling at high or inconsistent speeds can result in higher fuel consumption and more expensive maintenance bills. As the system will accurately track the number of miles driven, you’ll be reminded to book the vehicle in for a service every X number of miles to ensure everything is still working safely and efficiently.

Tracking systems can act as an incentive to drivers to improve their skills, and as this Raconteur article explains, they can also be a key component in reducing the cost of vehicle insurance. This is because alongside actively encouraging safe vehicle operation, the possibility of successful recovery following a theft is substantially increased with the presence of GPS. Several manufacturers specialise in insurance tracking devices, some of which can be seen here

Top benefits of vehicle tracking systems2

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Customer friendly

Taxi companies and delivery companies really benefit from the ability to communicate accurate times to their customers. No one wants to be stuck in the rain waiting for a cab or trapped at home all day waiting for a parcel that never shows up, and so customers will actively seek out companies who are able to say exactly how far away they are and when they will arrive.

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