Tapping machine features and applications

Tapping involves the creation of threaded holes in workpieces in order to accommodate fasteners such as screws, bolts or other attachments. Traditionally, tapping was done by hand, but technological advances mean that there are now machines that can do this.

So, what are tapping machines, what are their key features and advantages, and what are their main applications?

What are tapping machines?

Tapping machines are specially designed machines that are used to drill (or ‘tap’) small threaded holes in workpieces. Doing this enables the workpiece to accommodate fasteners such as bolts or screws.

Advantages of Tapping Machines

Tapping machines have a considerable number of features that make them an attractive option for many businesses. The main benefits are:

1. Cost-efficiency: creating threads using tapping machines is much cheaper than other methods.

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  1. Consistency and quality: tapping machines can produce precise and accurate threads over and over again.

    3. Versatility: tapping machines can be used on a wide range of materials. They can also tap a range of different types of holes.

    4. Low waste: tapping machines generate minimal waste.

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  1. Safety: tapping machines reduce the physical burden on workers and help to reduce the chances of injuries.

    Tapping Machine Expertise

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Applications of Tapping Machines

Thread tapping is used in a wide range of industries where strong and durable threads are crucial:

– In the automotive industry, tapping is used to create threads in transmission housings, brake systems, engine blocks, suspension components and other parts.

– In the aerospace industry, thread tapping is used to tap holes in engine parts, landing gear and structural components.

– In the electronics industry, threads for screws and fasteners are needed in computers, smartphones and other similar electronics.

– In the construction industry, thread tapping is used to create threads in various components such as steel beams.

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