Consumers increasingly need more time to shop online

Consumers increasingly need more time to make decisions online shopping.A conclusion has come Rakuten MediaForge after analyzing the time elapsed since the customer clicks on the ad and finally complete the process.

According to data provided in the study, the purchase can finally get to record up to 10 days after the initial click.

The report also shows remarkable differences Jan this “period of reflection” regarding the sector. Interestingly, customers interested in buying travel online less time were the ones who needed to take action. 176 hours is enough to decide to hire your trip.

Consumers increasingly need more time to shop onlineA fact that finds that, when users turn to the Internet to find and compare these products, and there is a real interest. Hence the need on the part of retailers to create specific campaigns to target each type of product and the public, with a unique selling proposition adapted to their interests.

Instead, fashion sales are the slowest to be confirmed by the customers who need an average of 282 hours to add the product to your shopping cart and finally take home.

The study also analyzes what type of online ads are those that generate more conversions. According to his data, interactive banners are the most attract attention. Those who require more interaction by the customer, such as moving along the screen, or include a video, are particularly striking and make up to 44% faster than traditional banners, those who simply seek click , and which customers are more than accustomed.

Another emerging trend that promotes digital conversion is oriented advertising, which was able to generate 14% of travel sales were recorded immediately, along with 8.3% of fashion, or 11.7 % of luxury.

Definitely, customers are increasingly online experience, and are subject to more stimuli, which is difficult to impact them and bring them to conversion instantly. Now they take their time, analyze the options and finally the proposal only if brands have conquered them end up buying.

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